Picnic At Monserrate


Picnic At Monserrate

16 June 2012

 Cheerful and generous Antonia Leitão, my sister, was on time as usual to pick me up in her multiple-task car. Together with cousin Margarida Magalhães Ramalho (who knows a lot more about Monserrate than most of us as she is the author of Writing on Sintra (By the Book, Lisbon, 2011) and Teresa Negrão, we bowled over the beautiful and sometimes sinister Sintra Hills, using at one point a mysterious private road. We were making our way to a picnic in the gorgeous gardens of the Palace of Monserrate, which Julieta Almeida Rodrigues had kindly told me about. The weather had been especially ordered and could not have been more pleasant. There were was a light touch in the air – as we greeted old and new friends, showing off our flowered hats, as the organizers, the Friends of Monserrate, (now led with enthusiasm by Dinah Azevedo Neves) had requested. The many children around were enjoying themselves and I was only a little concerned that one of them might roll down the hill, gather speed and fly over the trees. Of whatever age, everyone had a smile on their face, wallowing in the surrounding beauty and the fresh air. Each group had brought their own food and drink, which seemed a sensible management decision as there was no hassle over supplies or distribution. I enjoyed listening to the accordion, such a difficult and nostalgic instrument, that an old gentleman was playing – the sound fitted in with the setting. Parabéns, Monserrate lovers – thank you for a magical day. Let us have more of them sometime soon.

Ana Vicente - Writer

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