Winter is pruning time! January 26 - 2 pm

Pessoas da Associação Amigos de Monserrate numa escadaria

Winter is pruning time! January 26 - 2 pm

With the new Year we restart our activities!


Winter is pruning time.

Therefore, on the 26th of January, Wednesday, at 2 pm, with the support of Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua (PS-ML), we will be full of enthusiasm waiting for you, at the entrance of the Cafeteria, to go together to the Rose Garden where we will choose the pruning of our favorite rose bushes with the help of the Park's gardeners.

Don't forget to bring gardening gloves, pruning shears, a pruning bag and comfortable shoes.


We count on your presence.

We appreciate confirmation for the following contacts:

Dinah Azevedo Neves – Tim. 969 373 124

Manuela Lopo Tuna -     Tim. 916 758 011

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