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Nowadays I keep thinking of words I came across many years ago in the Turin Book Fair – “Read and get over your cares” …

I must admit words are magical, because it is through them that we convey our thoughts. Through them we forgive, love, suffer, cherish, hope, dream and travel.


Words may be harsh or they may be soft, bitter, tender, superfluous, crucial, cause anguish, make little sense, but they can also be revealing and convey aspirations and memories.


So I thought that the best surprise I could give you at the end of summer is to present you with the words of a group of “writer friends” and their stories about things that happened in Monserrate. Assírio e Alvim published the book which will come out on 5 December. I know that you will like it and I look forward to your presence at its launching.

The word of friends also appears in the usual columns of our newsletter. We have a novelty in the column “chosen book” where, with the participation of all, we intend to recommend a book which we liked particularly.

Good reading and looking forward to seeing you in the various activities which we have planned for 2011 and which we now announce.


Dinah Azevedo Neves


PS. Our thanks to AAM member, João Patrício, for the English translation of this Newsletter.

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