Monserrate is and will continue to be a factory of dreams


Monserrate is and will continue to be a factory of dreams

It nourished disquieted, as well as romantic, spirits. It materialized ideals of beauty and perfect scenarios for the thoughts of those that designed this heritage jewel, which is no longer only ours, to fly.

Why not continue?

We all need to admire nature, to let us be enraptured by the beauty and magic of places, even when they are a sensible part of our known landscape.

I believe in the magical power of dreams. Sometimes miracles happen.

Christmas is over and longing for the end of February, I remember the enthusiasm and live experiences of some of our past initiatives.

Joy of living was expressed in the sharing and atmosphere of the participants' pick-nick and guide visits. It was present in the concerts which reflected magical and intimate moments in perfect circumstances. It was also there when the children were seeking the hidden treasure.

Looking forward to and thinking that we will buy lilies in August, as well as implement so many other cherished projects.

We dream of the new headquarters, adapted to our needs and where we can await more intimately the blossoming of the garden.

I am counting on the presence of all of you during our next guided visit with Mr. Catarino, on the 15th of March.

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