fado group representing the Friends of Monserrate event
In springtime the roses open and the light of Monserrate is beautiful. We will celebrate with a Fado Concert at the Palace of Monserrate.
Friends of Monserrate picnic July 2nd hat contest, creative writing and photography
Hat Contest, Creative Writing and Photography on the Montserrate's Lawn.
Museu da Arte, Arquitectura e Tecnologia
MAAT - Guided tour of Vihls' exhibitions: “Prisms and Interferences” and “Emerging Urban Cultures” | April 28, at 11:00 am
pruning the roses
Guided visit to the Botanical Garden of Lisbon, on the 8th of April (Friday), at 11:00 am
Call for the General Assembly of Associates of the Amigos de Monserrate Association
Notice to the General Meeting | April 7 at 11 am via Zoom
programa do XII Festival Internacional de Camélias, dias 12 e 13 de março
The Municipality of Lousada, in partnership with the Portuguese Camélia Association, will hold the XII International Camélia Festival, on March 12th and 13th, at Praça das Pocinhas, Lousada.
Pessoas da Associação Amigos de Monserrate numa escadaria
On the 26th of January, Wednesday, at 2 pm, with the support of Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua (PS-ML), the Amigos de Monserrate will be full of enthusiasm waiting for you, at the entrance of the Cafeteria. , pruning shears, a pruning bag and comfortable shoes!
Visit to the DIA exhibition by Carsten Holler
Visit to the DIA exhibition by Carsten Holler On Monday, January 14th.
imagem do museu do oriente
It is with great pleasure that we inform you that on the 3rd of December, Friday, at 15:00h, the Associação Amigos de Monserrate will carry out a guided visit to the Exhibition "Stories of an Empire" at the Museu do Oriente.
Extraordinary General Meeting of Amigos de Monserrate
Extraordinary General Meeting will meet in person, on November 12 (Friday), at 12:00.



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