Serves 4-6 Use a 21,5 cm round pie dish, about 4 cm deep. Ingredients: Crust: 150 g of plain flour            60 g of porridge oats            150 g light brown muscovado sugar            2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon            175 g unsalted butter, chilled and...
Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo- Sintra XXII.
WALKS IN A FOREST from Spring While thus the imprisoned leaves and waking flowers Burst from their tombs, the birds that lurked unseen Amid the hibernal shade, in busy tribes...
This first Newsletter, of the new generation webpage we've just created, intends to revisit from the past, to pay homage to all of those that, with joint wills, launched and managed to keep alive the Associação dos Amigos de Monserrate (AAM).
“We make a living with what we do, but we make a life with what we give” so said Winston Churchill. Monserrate gave me the opportunity to give and for a cause close to my heart. As children we often went to Monserrate for picnics or walks.
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