When Willam Beckford was in Portugal in 1787 he wrote in his journal in the day 14 of june: “Those who have never heard modinhas must and will remain ingnorant of the most voluptuos and bewitching music that ever existed since the days of the Sybarites. They consist of languid interrupted...
Great news! Sir Christopher Cook, his wife Margaret and daughter Caroline came at long last, this August, to visit Monserrate,.
16 June 2012 Cheerful and generous Antonia Leitão, my sister, was on time as usual to pick me up in her multiple-task car. Together with cousin Margarida Magalhães Ramalho (who knows a lot more about Monserrate than most of us as she is the author of Writing on Sintra (By the Book, Lisbon, 2011)..
 Let’s have another round of applause for the Amigos de Monserrate and the organisation of their picnic on Saturday, 16th June.  I was told that the last picnic in Monserrate had been arranged by the Amigos twenty years ago.  Last Saturday a wide range of events were on offer: raffles, children’s...
 It was a return to tradition in Monserrate. Here are comments and excellent photos that we have received. There must have been some 80 Amigos, counting the children, who seemed almost lost in the midst of the marvellous lawn as they hesitated between the trees in front of the rose garden and ...
Thank you so much, Dinah! Such a beautiful place and nice atmosphere. Let us be in contact and I wish to you and tob your family a lovely summertime. Regards Marin
Dear colleagues; dear friends of Monserrate; dear friends of the friends here present: If a “dream is the luxury of thought”, I am sure that the authors here today and ourselves feel an enormous pleasure in presenting this book on the “Tales in Monserrate”, and we would like to share this ...
AAM on Facebook We invite our members to also become Friends of Monserrate on Facebook and to actively participate in the online life of our Association. We further invite you to extend our social network to your friends, increasing the information and the interest for Monserrate, one of the ...
Paulo Lowndes Marques was, since the establishment of the Association of the Friends of Monserrate, one of its main figures. His knowledge and legal expertise, his good sense and humour, manifested during the exercise of the function of President of the General Assembly, will always be remembered by
O nosso associado João Sande Freitas, um dos grandes estudiosos e conhecedores da história de Monserrate, chamou-nos a atenção para um artigo em inglês sobre um possível quadro de Leonardo da Vinci que fez parte da colecção de William Beckford. A sê-lo, é provável que tenha sido comprado pelo...